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Sergio Musetti Direct Matches Team

1. If you dont' have Skype yet please download this free software now, click here or the banner:

2. There are 6.6 million people using it and growing fast daily. The following software allows you to add to your contact list hundreds of people in record time.

Opportunity Summary / Highlights
What does every marketer need? Leads, leads, more leads, and an effective way for people to review what it is they are offering. What we have here is this:

A tool to gain an unlimited supply of new interested real-time leads.

A way for marketers to get their advertisement read by new people. This is key. Most advertisements go straight into the junk or spam or deleted folders, never really even read at all.

A tool for people with large Skype contact lists to broadcast their messages to everyone with a single click. Or if they've got the Skype Contact Groups enabled they can broadcast to specific groups.

An new affiliate program which is complementary to whatever else a person is doing. Having multiple income streams is a good thing don't you think?

A standardized "system" marketers can offer their downlines to help them become more effective, i.e. generate more leads, more sales, and make more money.
As a side-note, you need to be aware that it is far more effective to offer a tool everyone can use rather than offering something competitive (therefore threatening) to their primary business and focus. Our software provides you a competitive advantage and can take your group's income to the next level.

Click on the banner below:

Skype free download
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Skype Message Magic Sergio Musetti
Skype Message Magic Sergio Musetti
Thoughts from the Internet. The latest Marketing Sherpa research data shows in the technology industry for example that 60% of leads are generated by sales and 40% by marketing. Some good percentage of the 60% should be generated by asking for referrals but the 40% of leads generated by marketing still yield a good ROI for companies and so should not be ignored or unfunded.

Chinese Proverb
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Online Payments Worldwide
   * By Bank Check

   * Paypal

   * Solid Trus Pay

   * E-Gold

   * SafePay

   * AlertPay

   * StormPay

   * Money Bookers
     (Only Europe)

BBS Global Diamond Elite
Business training for the newbie and well seasoned marketer.We are a high tech educational site providing business knowledge,internet marketing,affiliate marketing and other skills to make you and your business a success.

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Target: All Networkers / People With Large Contact Lists

Do you need to do Skype Broadcasting? Before you answer, think about some of the issues for a second...

Do you need to broadcast a message to all your Skype and (MySpace) contacts with one click?
Ask yourself:

How many Skype contacts do you have?

How long does it take you to send all (or a portion of them) a message?

How much is your time worth?

Do you want to grow your contact list? You sure do if you want to increase your earnings!

Do you know others who want to grow their contact lists? Every marketer does!

Do you know of other people with large contact lists who need these types of functions and this type of service?
Q) What does every marketer need? A) Leads, and MessageMagic provides an unlimited source of leads for less than 50 cents a day.

Skype Broadcasting
Do you have a need to search for Skype (and MySpace) users and send all matches your message with one click? If you're an internet marketer you sure do, even if you don't know it yet.

If you are a Skype user, try this:

Start Skype

Click tools, search for skype users...

Enter the word "money" and click find

Skype will go away and find all the Skype and MySpace users with "money" as part of their name or username

Right click on the first user, then click start chat

By doing that you can send them your message

You can do this one at a time to as many people as you want and this is NOT against the Skype Terms provided you are messaging about a legal topic
Even if you are not now a current Skype or MySpace user I'm sure you can see the benefit of using broadcast software like this, or at least you can if you think of in terms of leads... in fact, MessageMagic provides the means to get an endless supply of leads!  Just go get a free Skype account and try what I've suggested in the previous section.

Q) What does every marketer want? A) People to read their adverts. With email advertising becoming less and less effective, MessageMagic is a breath of fresh air because adverts show up right on the recipients desktop! While at first you might think this is spamming them but the reality is it's not... if they don't want messages from people they don't know all they have to do is set their privacy options to exclude messages from people not on their contact list.

Build Your Contact List
Do you have a need to search for Skype (and MySpace) users and ask them to become a contact of yours? Similar to the search and broadcast option, this group function will send all of the matches a message asking them to share contact details so you become mutual contacts. Think about this question for a minute.

Q) How important is it to have large contact lists when you are an internet marketer, or any type of marketer for that matter?

A) Easy answer. The larger your list is, the larger your monthly income will be. It really is that simple. Why? Because you could be giving away $100 bills for 10 cents but if you didn't have anyone to tell about it how many are you going to sell?

By using MessageMagic you have access to an unlimited number of contacts. The last I heard Skype has 35,000,000 users and it is growing steadily.

Think about it, for less than 50 cents a day you have access to an endless stream of new, fresh leads.

I've seen a person add as many as 890 new interested, targeted contacts in a single day using MessageMagic. How can anyone afford NOT to use it???

Complete Rookies Can Make Unlimited Monthly Income
In the past I've always grappled with the problem of how to help my downlines become as successful as me. Now I've found it. This is a fool-proof duplicatable "system" where a complete rookie can start building their contact list and monthly income. A person doesn't need anything more than this to build a reliable, steadily growing monthly income.

By the way, when you use Skype you can only search for one matching pattern at a time, like in a previous example I used the word "money". With MessageMagic you can set up as many search patterns as you want. It will process them all, one right after the other, with a single click.

Personally, I load and search for 300 patterns at a time netting about 5000 (more or less) new skype usernames with each search.

You can also load (and save) search patterns.

You can also load (and save) the result of those searches. In other words, if you have a list of Skype and/or MySpace users you can load them into the software and send them a message.

You can also load your existing contacts and send them all a message, or if you've got the Skype Contact Groups enabled you can broadcast to specific more targeted groups.

MessageMagic is simple, easy to understand, and easy to use software.

I know what you're thinking... This sounds like very useful software, so what's the cost?

Go here

and contact me
Sergio Musetti
Skype username:
and Add me as your contact.
Username: spanishvoice
bbs global diamond elite
BBS Global Diamond Elite
Where would you have been today if eBay had given you an affiliate program to market with all those years ago? BBS GLOBAL is the Shopping channel of the future the complete eCommerce centre that puts you at the forefront of business. BBS Global a new and exciting, Profit Sharing Program (PSP). This unique system rewards everyone in so many ways and is the pinnacle of any shopping program currently available within the marketplace .BBS Global is the most modern and innovative shopping experience ever created. Using the latest technology, BBS Global has created a universal platform that brings together Manufacturers, Merchants, Consumers, Non-Profit Organizations, and many other groups, virtually a "Closed User Buying Group" or "Co-operative" that rewards everyone. Google-the-diamond-elite-and-world-wide-web, Google, BBS Global Diamond Elite, BBS, Global, Diamond Elite, world, wide, web, bbs global
Message Magic Pulsating Matrix unlimited leads, business opportunity available
Message Magic Pulsating Matrix unlimited leads, business opportunity available